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Days by the Bay
Alright, I stole this from jagbear I kinda chuckle as I post this, knowing I have very few friends (as of yet) that check out my journal...... but what the hell. lol

Ask away . . .

No matter how random, revealing, rude, naughty or pointless
I promise to answer them 100% truthfully
Repost this to see what others ask you...
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Well, it's back to work today. Have really enjoyed having three days off - at least most of it was good. Brad left to go see his family yesterday - seems so quite around here.... For some reason, the last few mornings when I wake up, I'm just covered in sweat - and the heater isn't even on in the house. Not sure what it is, but if it's a result of having some fun, I'd sure like to remember what happened!

I really hope this week goes fast at work. I'm looking forward to New Years Eve. Despite the recent events, we've decided to keep our plans on going into San Francisco for New Years Eve. We did this probably about 4 or 5 years ago and had a blast in the Castro. Since then we've stayed home, usually with one of Brad's friends who comes to visit from Colorado. She is unable to make it over this year, so I jumped on the opportunity to get out of here for a few nights. Not quite sure where we will end up this year, but no worries, it will be cab's all the way!!! Guess I need to do a search on what is going on Friday and Saturday nights and where.

We will also most likely go see Brokeback Mountain (I always want to say bareback mountain). Have heard many good things as well as not to see it alone. Guess it has a pretty sad ending... :(

Off to the shower........

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Today is much better than the other day. I feel very content right now. There is a lot ahead, but I'm going into the New Year with a positive attitude. All will be well.

Happy Holiday's and best wishes to all!

Thought this was kinda funny:

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Don't know where to start with this one. I let the crew go home early today, being it's a three day weekend, yet I stayed to get everything done that needed to be done before going. It was a long day to say the least.

Only took an hour to get home, not bad for a holiday weekend with my commute. But God, I was sure glad to get here. Three day weekend. Not a thought about work. Only bummer was that Brad was going to go to his brother's for Christmas, which left me here alone. Not too big of deal, but that's my choice - saw the parents over Thanksgiving and that was a lot to take! But glad I did.

Anyhow, when I got home we made some celebratory cocktails and made a cheers to the holidays. A friend of Brads stopped by, so we had another and visited for a while.

About an hour later we decided to go to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner. Our friend, the owner sat down with us and chatted for a while. He said to only have one beer because the cops are crazy tonight, so we promised we would. After a nice visit with Jessy, we had a great meal as always. Kept to the one beer and then went to water. We paid our bill and said our goodbye's and holiday wishes. Decided to just go back home.

As luck would have it, up and around the corner we got pulled over. "You didn't use your turn signal" the officer said. "sure we did". "Not on this street, but when you pulled away from where you were parked." He so kindly said. One thing I have to say right here..... He was no-where near where we pulled out. He pulled up at a stop light when we did, going a different direction. Absolutely no way he could have seen us pull out.

Jessy had said that several people had been pulled over recently because they staked his place out since there was a bar right next door. Using binoculars and such to radio people leaving. Not that we didn't believe him, but in our town? The cops would have to be complete dick's to do that. Maybe they really are.....

Brad was driving my rig because over the fourth of july weekend I was pulled over right after leaving a local bar. I was arrested for DUI. Didn't have a lot to drink, but was over the legal limit so my ass got taken to jail and the last five months have been kinda like being in hell. Except for a few nice times. I swear, getting a DUI is like buying a new car. Fines for everything! I am somewhat bitter about it, but at the same time, I have drank less when going out, and I never drive anymore. It's a shame I let Brad drive tonight. He was arrested. I feel so horrible about the whole thing. We weren't out to go drinking or anything, just to have dinner and come home. He is supposed to leave tomorrow to visit family and now he's in jail. I know the experience I had and can't help but well up thinking about him there. They really treat you like shit. I don't think I'll sleep much tonight. I don't care how much I sleep - I just want to give Brad a big hug and let him know all will be well. My God, my nightmare with this will be over in February, his is just starting. I prayed, well more like begged God, over and over while they tested him that all would work out well.

The only thing right now I'm grateful for is selfish. I'm on a three year probation - which means I can't have any alcohol for three years - at least if I do, and they want, they can make me take a breathalyzer which I can't refuse. I would go straight to jail if I violated probation. WTF?!!?

This whole night was so damn innocent. We don't drink a lot, but now I'm wondering if I ever want to drink again. These days it's really not worth it. At least in the good old town of Livermore.

I'm sad, I'm worried about Brad. I can't wait to get into the new year. With Brad's financial situation, I'm sure it will be a big hit on me. But I'll do what I have to do. He's really a good man. I love him. I know he loves me.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful holiday. I will when Brad is back in my arms.

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Not a lot to do this evening. Brad has a friend over and they are making holiday cookies, so I'm kinda hangin' out upstairs. They do this every year. Really nice to have sooooooo many types of cookies to "try out". They give them to friends and family, as well as up at the VA Hospital. It's so hard being with a chef.... Ya, right!

I've been checking out profiles, uh, because of bordom..... I suppose, on BiggerCity.com (Not looking at the pictures, but reading the articles....) I went into the messenger mode there and can't understand how many people with NO profile expect that you will hook up with them! Now, I know I'm kinda slutty, but at least a description would be nice! And no, I'm not that slutty...... My friends will back me up on that one...... (right into the end of the bed, or the shower wall..) Okay, wishful thinking.

Not a lot to talk about..... think I'll see if there is any cookie dough to test out.....

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I guess I'm kinda bored.........lol
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