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Been a while..... - Days by the Bay
Been a while.....
It has been a while since I have added anything to this. I've kinda been out of the loop and not as dedicated as I thought I'd be here. I decided to check out what some of my friends have been up to and it was great to be able to get some insight as to how they are doing. I guess I'm one of those types that gets involved with others, then kind of disappears for a while. That probably sounds more negative that it was meant to be. I tend to get too involved with work, and it sort of becomes my life until I've had too much and need to step back. That's where I'm at right now. Not expecting anyone will read this, so it's more of a place to vent I guess.
Tomorrow is my hubby's b-day. He sleeps in late, so I'm going to completely decorate downstairs before he wakes up. Heading out to the party supply store here in a while.
I finally got my restriction removed from my drivers license yesterday. I'm legal to drive anywhere now!!! Not that I didn't already do that with the restrictions, but oh what a relief to finally have all of that behind me. A word to the wise..... Don't drink and drive! It's soooo much cheaper (if you are going to be drinking) to get a cab. Trust me on that one.

I visited a website I hadn't been to in a while this morning. Great animation clip on there - I may have put a link here before to it, but what the hell - it's a great one that I'll always enjoy watching. Has a great message. The clip is called MORE. Take a peek.....


I will be traveling back to Ireland in a few months for work. Very much looking forward to that. I even considered moving there, but with how hard it is to move there if you do not have a job already lined up, my hubby wouldn't be able to go with me. Can't have that, so it's here we stay.....
At least for now. We are looking to move here soon - closer in to the bay. Would love to rent a house that shares no common walls with anyone!! I think we'll find something soon. Or at least I'm hopeful of it.

That's about it for now........

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