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Back from Ireland - Days by the Bay
Back from Ireland
Well I have finally made it back from Ireland. Was given half a day's notice that I'd be going, and nearly stayed there three weeks (with several flight changes along the way). All in all, I had a wonderful experience over there. This was my first visit there so it was all the more enjoyable.
I regret that with three weeks I didn't have enough time to see the country side. I did make it out to a few village pubs, but that was at night, so not a lot to see along the way. Dublin is quite a place though.
Very beautiful, very old. Lots of brick and stone buildings. Stone walls everywhere. And the cathedrals are absolutely beautiful. I was lucky with the weather, as it only rained one day I was there. Very cold though, not something I'm all that used to these days. I spent allot of time wandering around the city centre and am proud to say I know it like the back of my hand now. Although, a few days in it and most anyone would.
I really enjoyed all of the people I met too. People are so friendly, and have the best stories to tell. There seemed to be quite a difference in how people welcome you over there as opposed to here. Not complaining (too much) about here, but I did notice they are more outgoing and willing to meet new people.
Sexually, I had some wonderful experiences as well... but hey, what happens in Ireland, stays in Ireland, right? :)

I did manage to catch a bad cold toward the last day I was there, probably more like the flu now. It'll be gone soon though so I can't complain too much. Nice to be home but I'm really looking forward to going back over there soon......

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