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Oh how I love the UK.... - Days by the Bay
Oh how I love the UK....
Last week I arrived in Scotland, to then find out that they decided to send me to Ireland the next day. So I visited a supplier after arriving in Edinburgh, went about 30 hours without sleep, then went to the hotel and crashed only to get up early to fly into Dublin. I was really looking forward to spending time in Scotland, but that will have to happen another time.

Dublin - I really like. The weather has been sunny but very cold. I've visited many pubs since getting here. They are beautiful, and full of friendly people. I think I'd be broke if I lived here! I'll probably end up staying through Saturday which will give me a few days to myself. Actually, Sat and Sun I had to myself. I've gone out several times with folks I'm working with over here. Has been fun but would really like to meet some bears or others with the same interests.

I do miss Brad. At least I've been able to call and hear his voice. He's excited for me being over here. Can't wait to bring home all the stuff I've bought him! I'm going to have to buy another bag. Not enough room in my suitcase for everything!

Well, it's about 10 am, traffic should be good by now so I best be hailing a taxi. If anyone has friends over here, or knows of interesting places to go, do tell!

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